Amber Moir

Amber Moir

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Amber likes

  • experimenting with and pushing the limitations of traditional monotype techniques. 
  • the physical and unpredictable process of printing with a manual pitch roller. 
  • the gashes, strips, folds and uneven printed surfaces that her technique produces.
  • the balance between preparation and spontaneity.

Amber says

that “the challenges of my process give the work greater meaning and make it more successful than if it were predictable and easily controlled.”  

Amber has

  • a degree in Fine Arts from Stellenbosch University.
  • spent two years living and working on Kyushu Island, Japan.
  • been back in Cape Town since 2017, working from a shared artists’ studio. 
  • had several solo shows, including ' Composition by Field', ‘Along the Line’ and ‘In praise of Shadows’, all at Salon 91 in Cape Town. 
  • shown work in many group exhibitions as well as The Spier Light Art Festival, Investec Cape Town Art Fair, Turbine Art Fair in Johannesburg and ‘NEXT’, Australasia’s largest International Art Fair.

 More about Amber here.