Marsi van de Heuvel

Marsi van de Heuvel



Marsi demonstrates

dedication, discipline, patience, and maybe slight obsession.

Marsi likes

  • the juxtaposition of big imagery through small marks.
  • her process to be slow, therapeutic and meditative.
  • to see labour in an artwork.
  • podcasts

Marsi endures

  • pain, long days and, occasionally, boredom.

Marsi wants

  • people to feel something.
  • to see things through.
  • a bit of sanctuary.

Marsi has

  • memories of growing up in her mother’s art class room.
  • studied at the Ruth Prowse School of Fine Art.
  • participated in numerous group exhibitions and art fairs in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Paris.
  • had solo exhibitions at the Smith Gallery in Cape Town, the Rochester Museum of Fine Art in New York, and Nuweland in Amsterdam.

For full CV of shows look here.