A history of breath

A history of breath

Colijn Strydom

R 800

Glazed Ceramic Stoneware
14 x 14 cm
Photo: Mia Thom

From the artist:

"I have always been fascinated by images of ancient cultures and recently, due to my interest in subverting whiteness, I’ve been looking a lot at Ancient Greek art. Many sculptures are broken and have been damaged over the years (just think of the Venus de Milo) - it occurred to me that it's become part of the aesthetic of the works as we now experience them. Fragmentation has been an underlying theme of my work for quite a while and so I was eager to refer to the sculptures and exaggerate their brokenness and fragility. They accompany an installation of ceramic tiles (some whole, many just shards) which goes under the title of "A history of a breath"."

More about Colijn here.

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