Another shield bug flew in

Amy Rusch

R 15,000

Pieces made in celebration of insects and time spent getting to know different species and individuals. Walking makes space for chance close encounters and these observations have been the guide and starting point for the making process. A similar aspect of chance is reflected in the stitching. These pieces have their conception linked to shield bugs observed and photographed using a small magnifying loupe – a beautifully intimate process with the insect, requiring time and letting go of expectation – a submission to time and process. Perspective shifts of zooming in and out facilitate intimacy with the insects observed close up and at a distance. When making the stitched works a similar process of examining and perspective shifting takes place. The abstracted forms and colours draw attention to the wonder of the natural world and celebrates the time necessary for attentive looking and seeing.




Plastic bag and thread

41cm x 41 cm


Photo: Mia Thom

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