Atlantic Tracing

Amy Rusch

R 26,000


Plastic bag and thread

46 x 82,5 cm

Framed (kiaat wood)

From the artist:

Prior to setting sail I looked closely at the chart of the Atlantic ocean between Africa and Brazil. Tracing elements of the chart was the starting point for this piece. My father gave me Bernard Moitessier’s words, typewritten in block letters. He sent them to me again while we were sailing.

“My real log is written in the sea and sky. It has gradually come to life out of all that has surrounded us for months. The sound of the water on the hull, the sounds of wind gliding on the sails, the silences full of secret things between my boat and me, like the times I spent as a child listening to the forest talk”
Bernard Moitessier, The Long Way

More about Amy here.

Photo: Michael Hall

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