Daydreaming IV

Zarah Cassim

R 8,000


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Oil on board

32 × 20 cm


From the artist:

"These works have a subtle pink colour, an almost rose tinted nostalgia. Details of darker green tones fade in and out of the romantic pink hue. This to me is a state of daydreaming - where the real becomes the surreal and boundaries are blurred. 

I created these works in Cape Town, just before giving birth to my first child. It was a very special time for me, and the feeling of a daydream is exactly what I experienced. 

I chose to work with oil paint and thinners because of the incredible range of textures you are able to achieve with oil paint. The oil paint reacts to the thinners and creates its own stain on the surface, unique every time according to the amount of paint and thinners used. I enjoy the spontaneous mark making and the layers of stains on the surface creating organic shapes and forms. These shapes exist as a blurr and add to the hazy quality of a daydream."

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