Gathering Thought VI

Amy Rusch

R 18,000

"This piece came about as part of a series, a result of sitting and listening to recordings I made while sailing. My initial thought was to listen to the sounds and allow those vibrational wavelengths to inform the marks made onto the plastic as the starting lines. As I sat listening to recording 1, then on to recording 2, 3, 4 … 44 in total, I realized what made those moments so powerful was the “just being”. This somehow acted as a catalyst to just being with the materiality of the plastic itself. The afternoon light highlighting the wave-like forms. Listening to the ocean sounds, the aural landscape, I was able to look with different eyes into the surfaces of the plastic and those surfaces just ‘as is’ became the guide lines for this piece. Aural landscape opening eyes to the landscape/seascape that was being shown by the sun.
Markings and tracings like plotting one’s position on a chart, orienting oneself in time and space with dots and lines




Found Plastic Bags and Thread

53 x 47 x 4,5cm


Photo by Mia Thom

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