Ghosts of Deep Blue

Cathy Abraham

R 11,830

"Inspired by the alphanumeric teachings of Gematria, a system within Kabbalah which attributes numerical values to letters and words in the universe. This system is integral to the mystical teachings of Kabbalah, and it informs a way to express and unlock the pivotal themes in my work. For example, the number 18 means ‘life’. If I wish to infuse 'life' into the meditation of the repetitive brushstrokes or drawings, I do this using the number 18, painting 18 strokes at a time. I work from right to left and left to right, allowing the brushstrokes or ghosts to overlap as a metaphor for what they do in life and on the planet too. By combining certain chosen numbers with the act of repetition, new meanings and new forms continuously unfold."

- Cathy



Oil on Fabriano Rosaspina paper

100 x 70 cm


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