Nike boy

Katharien de Villiers

R 4,000

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Acrylic and Mixed Media on canvas

39 x 38 cm


From the artist:

"This portrait forms part of an ongoing series of painterly interrogation. The works are small and compact, facilitating a slightly larger than life size face. The works revolve around the strictest traditions of painting - colour, form and composition. Brushstrokes are layered, looking for the right hue and depth. Paint is applied with the intention of finding the shape, but in these works is also intended to show the search. It is thus more of an exploration of and the artist's abstract relation crafted toward this identity that make these works intriguing. Composed to play with the viewers perspective of the face I try to draw the viewer in to explore the multiple views and perspectives one could have on these mysterious figures."

More about Katharien here.

Photo: Michael Hall

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