Scottish Thistle and Olive Branch

Sophia van Wyk

R 15,000

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Bronze on concrete and duralatex base

22 x 10 x 10 cm

From the artist:

"In Scottish Thistle and Olive Branch I developed the shape of the sculpture with sketches of a cloud from a photograph taken on a specific day. By employing a mode of association I began to identify structures within the shapes. One of the shapes I found is a Scottish Thistle. The Scottish Thistle has been the emblem for Scotland for over 500 years. The symbolism of the Scottish Thistle connotes bravery and courage. Another structure that I project onto the sculpture is an abstracted olive branch. I use the reference to an olive branch to invoke the symbol of peace. The representation of the olive branch has a long tradition in different cultures and is present in Ancient Egyptian art, ancient Greek and Roman Mythology and early Christian art. The small figure on the bended trunk incorporates a reference to my last series of subversive wedding cake toppers."

More about Sophia here.

Photo: Mia Thom

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