see the ponies as they walk on by 4

Katharien de Villiers

R 7,500

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photo printed on flag material

treated with car paint, liquid lead, enamel and acrylic, on board

49 x 67,5 cm


From the artist:

"See the ponies as they walk on by 3 & 4" are both pieces from a show titled "sound-blindness" that was up at A4 arts foundation earlier this year. Both are based on photographs I took in Patagonia at an old stud stable in the south. I found them intriguing as images that would not look out of place within a South African context. Their appeal is nostalgic. They make me think of crummy Lapas at camping sites where old dreams of old men, now drowning in brandy and coke, are displayed on the wall- small monuments to a time never to return. There is a familiarity to certain images as if they represent cultural semiotics that most viewers can relate to from their own network of experience.

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