Space to remember

Sitaara Stodel

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Found photographs and gold thread on fabriano

35 x 50 cm


From the artist:

"I have moved house over 34 times in 28 years. As a child I would move with my mother and sisters into houses we couldn’t afford, which meant constant evictions. When I left home to live on my own, I continued to move around, simply out of habit.

I make collages out of other people’s family photographs collected at antique stores and markets. By doing so, I curate my own memories of childhood and beyond, creating or conceiving scenes of interiors and exteriors of houses, pets, prized possessions and landscapes.

I’m constantly tearing, cutting and putting back together these domestic scenes in an attempt to recreate the memories. I sew them back together using gold thread to represent their preciousness. I cannot help but place my ideals of home into the scenes: fresh flowers, framed artworks, houses with sea views and shiny cars.

These works were made during lockdown, so it also has an element of yearning about it. I gave myself the space to remember the outside world, and what it meant to feel safe outdoors. I felt very grateful for a stable and safe home during the pandemic, at the same time I wanted to be outside so badly."

More about Sitaara here.

Photo: Michael Hall