Streams of light, A Homage to Sunray VI

Amy Rusch

R 15,000

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Plastic bag and thread

45 x 48 cm


From the artist:

“ This piece was made as part of a series of 7 works during hard lockdown in 2020.
Observing the cycles of a guava tree that I had grown up with, the production of fruit, ripening, being eaten, falling and returning to the earth.
Thinking about life cycles and time.
During Christmas time spent with the family on the Wild Coast in 2018, I did a quick stitched sketch of 3 leaves that my grandmother had found. Seeing those 3 leaves next to her deathbed the following year made me think deeply about the importance of time spent in presence, doing things for other people.
This piece pays homage to her, my grandmother Sunray.
She pressed leaves and flowers for us. Everything we gave her, she kept.
This piece is a close look at the veins running through a guava leaf and the leaf/human in a process of disintegration/reintegration back to earth, back to the tree.”

- Amy

Photo: Mia Thom


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