Marguerite Roux

R 4,800

“The experience of creating this artwork was cathartic. Ugh was made during the initial Covid-19 hard lockdown in SA and provided me the opportunity to deal with a lot of frustration and apprehension. Not only surrounding the global pandemic and the great unknown, but also about my art practice.  2020 was a time of reflection and re-evaluation on our lives and what we find important. I also used this time to deal with frustrations arising from expectations of what art should be (be it according to gallerists, critics, clients or perhaps more than anything, my own doubts). This artwork was a turning point, a release, a gateway to following my own creative process and allowing the development of my practice to occur naturally and instinctively.”

- Marguerite 



Woven yarn in frame

75 x 53 x 6 cm

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