Zanele Montle

R 7,200
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Acrylic on canvas

35,5 x 45,5 cm


From the artist:

“My work is inspired by day-to-day life experiences of black people who live in rural areas and townships. Those people are my family, my uncles, aunts and the neighbours who have become sisters. I’m also inspired by their sense of simplicity and community in rural areas also known as “emakhaya”. Having moved from KZN to the city of Johannesburg, I’ve struggled to feel “at home” and have felt displaced for years. So through my paintings, I have strived to capture the beauty of simple living and of mundane things like sitting with family, watching my uncles during a family meeting, or my grandmother watching television. These nostalgic moments remind me of home, which I celebrate and acknowledge in my paintings. In this, I also expand awareness of the importance of representing black people in contemporary art, which is further elaborated in the usage of Zulu titled paintings.”

More about Zanele here.

Photo: Anthea Pokroy