Lyndi Sales

R 20,000


Acrylic on Fabriano

58 x 78 cm


From the artist:

"This work was the first collage I made many years ago when I was just playing around with cutting up abandoned paintings. If somethings not working I generally cut it up. There are no expectation when cutting up a failed work and I hate to waste good Fabriano paper. It’s bold, loose, and free and has a freshness that I always look back to. As the collage works evolve they have become tighter and I find myself spending more time on each piece as the paper strips become thinner or the painting technique becomes more considered. I find it’s important for me to keep the original experiments in view to remind me of the freedom I felt while making the first of its kind"

More about Lyndi here.

Photo: Mia Thom

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