Cathy Abraham

Cathy Abraham



Cathy repeats

and repeats and repeats…

Cathy counts 

  • her brushstrokes, systematically and ritualistically painting the same number of strokes at a time, over and over again.
  • particular numbers and combinations of numbers, which have mystical meaning and significance.
  • Kabbalah, alphanumeric teachings, the Korean Dasaekhwa movement and her teachers among her influences and inspirations.

Cathy thinks

  • of the repeated brushstrokes as “ghosts” – a metaphor for the spectre of trauma and its haunting of memory.
  • her work expresses a certain hauntology; a presence within an absence that lingers.
  • that our memories leave an impression on us, and, in turn, on the planet.
  • even repetition opens up new meanings.

Cathy has

  • an intuitive sense of colour and a striking grasp of technique.
  • worked in film, mixed media, installation, sculpture and painting.
  • a master’s degree, with distinction, from the Michaelis School of Fine Arts at the University of Cape Town.
  • had a solo exhibition, called A Deeper Kind of Nothing, in 2018.
  • had another solo exhibition 9 spaces: the abyss of deep time at The Fourth, in 2021.