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Untitled is a space for you to discover and explore, browse and buy art. We connect artists and art lovers, bringing people and art closer together.

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Who we are

Untitled was founded by Lille van der Walt and Mia Louw. We’re two art lovers who wanted to create a space where it’s easy for people to discover and engage with art, and be inspired and uplifted by it. We want more people to grow to love art, enjoy living with it, and be excited to buy it.





I’ve always loved art, deeply and intuitively. It arouses so many moods and feelings. It elicits wonder, evokes awe and awakens beauty. It can light up a room, or a day, or a life. I feel like a better version of myself in the company of art. 

Yet, for the longest time, I stayed on the periphery of art. I chose to study law, but sneaked a History of Art major in through the back door. I worked in financial services, retail, design, marketing, publishing and media, at places like Vrye Weekblad, Sarie magazine and 22seven... all touched art, but not intimately enough to satisfy me. The nearest I got to my “happy place” was working on the Arts Alive Festival in Johannesburg, but I always yearned for more. So eventually, joyfully and wholeheartedly, I surrendered and returned to my first love. 

For the last few years, I’ve immersed myself in art, listening to its stories, marvelling at it, and dreaming of a world where art, artists and art lovers are brought closer together. I created experiences and studio visits, but wanted to spread and share it all more widely. And so, Untitled was born. My hope is that it becomes a space where anyone can come to be introduced to, inspired through and uplifted by art.






From childhood, my life has revolved around art. In 2014 I graduated with Honours in Fine Arts from Stellenbosch University, and since then I’ve produced work for several exhibitions, mainly in photography. I continue to shoot moments I find worthy of reflection. 

I’m fascinated over and over again by the process of making art, the spaces that artworks are created in, and the evolution that artworks go through as they move from the artist’s imagination to the buyer’s home. As Marketing Manager of the Investec Cape Town Art Fair, my appreciation for the art world deepened, as did the relationships that form within it. I believe in supporting the art ecosystem and promoting the idea that by purchasing an artwork, you invest in the artist, their process and what it represents within a society. 

With Untitled, I see an opportunity to bridge social divides, create communities and foster human interaction. 





Artists and Untitled

It matters to us to nurture close, honest, authentic relationships. To base those relationships on shared values and a love of art. To build lifelong connections. To grow together. To collaborate, catalyse and facilitate. To give artists space to experiment and to express their own stories. And to be mutually supportive. 

We’re fortunate enough to work with some of the most outstanding artists our country has, who also happen to be some of the most amazing people we’ve met.