Fanie Buys

Fanie Buys



Fanie says:

some very funny, disarmingly frank and dryly effacing things.

Fanie observes:

  • on a lot if his work being “instinctive – paint now, ask questions later.”
  • how his use of colour is “more dumb luck than creative genius.” 
  • that “painting another person is very intimate, I want to respect that proximity.”
  • on a T-shirt he printed that “I’m in control of my life in that I’m the architect of my own pitiful demise.”
Fanie owns:
  • a ‘Diana…Princess of Hearts’ poster (it hangs above his bed).
  • his embrace of the paradoxical and eclectic, the “gross and beautiful… big and disgusting… I often veer across the four-lane highway of aesthetics.”
  • that he has, in the past, “picked up my brushes to serve my strongest natural instinct: passive aggression.”

Fanie has:

  • a bit of a love affair with painting pop culture icons, like Princess Diana, Nicole Kidman, Eartha Kitt and Diana Ross.
  • a BA degree (with distinction) from the Michaelis School of Fine Art at the University of Cape Town.
  • received the Judy Steinberg Award for Painting and the Simon Gerson Award for an Original Body of Work.
  • had two solo exhibitions and exhibited in several group shows around South Africa.
  • expressed “a hope that, one day, at my retrospective, all my painting together will make people feel like that moment before a panic attack – when one feels like a ghost haunting their own body.”