Kasia Stefanczyk

Kasia Stefanczyk



Kasia transcribes

sunlight and architecture, shadow and shape.

Kasia records 

  • moments in time, but expresses them over time.
  • light as it falls onto a particular surface, on a given day, at a specific time.
  • what she observes via quick notes, sketches or photographs, then translates that into oil, in a process that turns minutes into months.

Kasia seeks

  • to stretch time and distort space.
  • order in the intricate and permanence in the changeable. 
  • to capture the elusive, document the temporary, fix the fleeting.

Kasia finds

  • herself astounded by the different light quality in Cape Town and Warsaw. 
  • a space between the abstract and specific, north and south, dark and light.

Kasia has

  • lived in Cape Town since 2015, when she moved from her native Poland. 
  • a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design and Visual Communication from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. 
  • participated in several group shows in Cape Town.
  • had a solo exhibition, OKNO, at Cape Town’s THK Gallery in 2023.