Katlego Tlabela

Katlego Tlabela

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Katlego sees

every moment as a pivotal moment.

Katlego believes

  • that “one cannot outweigh any moment with another. In an artist’s career, everything should be seen as a pivotal moment, every win should be celebrated, because it is a difficult and uncertain career path to choose.”

Katlego explores

  • the multi-disciplinary processes of painting, sound, photography and sculptural installations, while incorporating his love of printmaking. 
  • the social and political dilemmas of post-apartheid South Africa, Africa and the USA. 
  • resistance, protest, race, and positive methods of representation of the Black Body.
  • sensitive political and personal discussions with pride and conviction.

Katlego appreciates

  • the acknowledgement, support and presence of his parents at The Sasol New Signatures Exhibition in 2013, a high point in his life.

Katlego has

  • quickly become an exciting up-and-coming artist.
  • graduated from the Michaelis School of Fine Art at UCT, majoring in printmaking. 
  • participated in many group exhibitions since 2013, including at The Investec Cape Town Art Fair, the ‘Keep Languages Alive’ D54 Art Event in Johannesburg, and ‘Proof’ at SMAC Gallery, Stellenbosch.