Marguerite Roux

Marguerite Roux



Marguerite weaves

fabrics and phone books, threads and thoughts.

Marguerite reflects 

  • that, outside of being an artist, nothing else would make sense for her.
  • in her work the importance of nearly forgotten technology.
  • on the passing of time, using weaving as a time measuring device, with every row weaved seen as a unit of time.

Marguerite dislikes

  • excess and waste, which is why she uses discarded fabrics and frames, redundant phone books and fax paper.
  • the colour pink (or did, until her “pink phase” started in 2020).
  • a lack of consideration.

Marguerite has

  • bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Visual Arts from Stellenbosch University, where she won the Keith Dietrich Award and the Timo Smuts prize for academic achievement.
  • been a Top 100 finalist in the Sasol New Signatures Award three times.
  • participated in over three dozen exhibitions around South Africa.
  • shown work at art fairs, exhibitions and biennials in France, Belgium and Turkey.