Matthew Prins

Matthew Prins

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Matthew forages

for the awkward and incongruent.

Matthew elevates

• the unsung heroes and unseen beauty of the plant world.
• messy roots; decaying and worm-eaten leaves; overgrown, weedy sidewalk patches. • plants that emerge from shadows into light.
• ignored flowers over those with status.

Matthew combines

• nature and the built environment.
• shape, colour and pattern.
• rhythm and repetition with reinterpretation.

Matthew has

• a thing for plants.
• a degree in Visual Communication Design from Stellenbosch University.
• a layered process, informed by his design background: he takes photographs, which are used as loose references as he draws straight onto canvas, first in graphic shapes, then taking license, removing elements, and adding detail.
• exhibited regularly at Salon 91 in Cape Town since 2017.