Selwyn Steyn

Selwyn Steyn



Selwyn draws

what he is drawn to.

Selwyn builds

  • on his architectural training for his artistic articulations.
  • a body of documentarian snapshots of buildings at a moment in time.
  • and breaks and experiments and learns with different materials, and loves being covered in paint, sawdust, concrete splats…

Selwyn investigates 

  • the way built environments hold meaning, and the way that meaning fluctuates over time.
  • how built environments serve as a latent register of the past when more impermanent artifacts have been relegated or destroyed.
  • the way space and light evoke emotion.

Selwyn says

  • that “painting is a primordial practice that seems more part of being human than almost anything else.”
  • that “art is deployed best as a series of uncertain ruminations rather than directly stated propositions.”
  • that “a coat of workshop filth is the proudest uniform.”

Selwyn has

  • Bachelor’s degrees in architecture from the University of Pretoria, and a Master’s degree in architecture from the University of Cape Town.
  • participated in more than a dozen group exhibitions throughout South Africa.
  • produced many public projects across South Africa.
  • won several awards for design, art and digital media.