Sophia van Wyk

Sophia van Wyk

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Sophia keeps

her head intuitively, experimentally, expressively in the clouds.

Sophia wonders

  • how she can develop cloud forms into multi-dimensional objects.
  • about different realms of consciousness and levels of existence.
  • about future possibilities that intersect with past epochs

Sophia connects

  • to her unconscious.
  • photographs, sketches, markings and mappings of clouds as part of her artistic process.
  • moments and memories, intuition and construction, the experimental and the practical.

Sophia has

  • smuggled teeth into South Africa in formaldehyde, and embedded one in a sculpture.
  • a Masters degree in Fine Art.
  • had five solo exhibitions in South Africa.
  • been selected for four residencies.
  • participated in more than 30 group exhibitions in South Africa, Spain, Australia and France.

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