Stephané Conradie

Stephané Conradie



Stephané remains

both fascinated and grounded by the objects in people’s homes.

Stephané makes

  • ornate sculptures and bricolage assemblages of discarded, rearranged and entangled objects, inspired by kitsch home décor.
  • sense of her geographic, social and economic place through her art.
  • mention of colonialism, slavery, segregation and apartheid in connection with her work.

Stephané has

  • lived in South Africa since she was 7, when her family moved from Namibia.
  • recently and joyfully acquired a desktop printing press for her home studio. 
  • lectured in printmaking at Stellenbosch University, where she obtained a BA and MA and is currently a PhD candidate.
  • had work featured locally and globally, most recently at Stellenbosch University Museum, Investec Cape Town Art Fair and ARCO Lisbon. 
  • been a SASOL New Signatures Finalist and was included in Barclays L’Atelier National Exhibition, one of Africa’s most prestigious art competitions. 
  • work in various collections, including the Leridon Collection, Yellowwoods Art, UNISA Gallery, Spier Collection, and the Wits Art Museum.

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