Ayikho Eyob'thongo Inkomo

Lwandiso Botozo

R 13,000

"In this collection of printed works, Lwandiso Botozo delves into the intricate nuances of identity and self-identification within the AmaXhosa culture.  Through an art-practice-based approach, Lwandiso uncovers meaning within personal narratives, asserting that colonialism, missionary education, and apartheid systematically eroded AmaXhosa identity

by prioritising Western culture over indigenous languages, customs, and beliefs. 

Through this body of work, Lwandiso invites viewers to reflect on the intricate interplay of personal stories and cultural contexts, fostering a deeper understanding of how historical forces and individual experiences intersect to shape identity."




Monotype and collage on Hahemühle 

75 x  58 cm


Photo: Mia Thom

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