Plunge II

Ulriche Jantjes

R 8,000

“The monotypes act as a stepping stone leading to paintings. Their often abstract, minimalist forms categorise them as notes, informing a larger body of work. Creating a monotype starts with drawing or painting on a clean Perspex or PVC (plastic) plate using a printing ink. Once the image is complete, the plate is run through a printing press with paper on top of it to create a print. I create my images with a variety of surfaces, such as fabric, or textured paper. I usually start by tearing or cutting these surfaces into shapes and forms, followed by inking and collaging them onto my PVC plate. These textures and forms create the images you see in my monotypes. Later in the process, I use colour pencils or oil pastels to hand-draw into the prints to create a layered feel.

Elements of the Overberg landscape inspire my practice and these prints (or notations) include scenes which feature dams and mountain ranges.The landscape is ever-present in my work and functions as an expanse which holds and beholds histories continuing to unfold within it."

- Ulriche 


Oil on canvas

101 x 76 cm


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