How fragile we are, paper

Lyndi Sales

R 12,650

"When I prayed as a child I believed that the longer I held my breath the harder I was praying and the stronger my message to God would be. I have used the lung imagery in previous works as it relates to this childhood memory. As an asthmatic I am aware of how my body feels when I am tight chested. I am also dedicated to a yoga practice as well as a breath work meditation practice. Now more than ever this lung imagery seems to be more relevant. The Covid pandemic and how the virus manifests as a degeneration of lung tissue through pneumonia but also in the death of George Floyd who's breath was snuffed out with no logical reason at all.

Cut out of lottery paper, which I often use as a metaphor for 'when your number is up', The ancient yogis believed that when we are born we are allocated a finite number of breaths and when our number is up we surrender and leave our physical body and our deteriorated bronchial branches behind."




33 x 33 cm

Paper cut out



Photo: Michael Hall

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