Ibali likaNongqawuse ngunongqawuse kwalona

Lwandiso Botozo

R 7,150

Part of a triptych still in progress.


"This work investigates language as culture and the importance of preserving oral traditions such as iintsomi (folklore), iziduko (clan names), izaci namaqhalo (idioms and proverbs) in Xhosa culture. In Xhosa and many African cultures, knowledge is passed on from one generation to the next through oral tradition. Colonialisation and subsequently apartheid, sought to destroy these traditions in favour of literacy and Western forms of education. This artwork seeks to share the knowledge that can still be found in Xhosa oral traditions. 

The title “Ibali likaNongqawuse ngunongqawuse kwalona” pertains to  a saying in Xhosa oral histories that debunks the integrity of the story of Nongqawuse. Nongqawuse is the prophetess allegedly responsible for the Xhosa cattle-killing movement of 1856-1857."

- Lwandiso




37 x 32 cm approx.

2/3 out of edition of 3


Photo: Mia Thom

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