Imvo Zabantsundu

Lwandiso Botozo

R 7,800

This is 3/3 of a triptych titled Umanyano Lwesizwe Lwabantsundu2021

“With this work I attempted to visualise the African political identity that developed  in the Cape Colony (Eastern Cape in particular) in response to the challenges of Western colonisation in the 1880’s. This newly found African political identity came about as a result of networks and organisations that were formed in the fight against land dispossession, political disenfranchisement and racial oppression.

It was made for the Charting the Uncharted group exhibition (Gallery Stellenbosch University, 2022) curated by Clara Babette in collaboration with The Biography of Uncharted People Project and Naspers."


- Lwandiso




37 x 32 cm approx.

2/3 out of edition of 3


Photo: Mia Thom

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