White ghosts I

Cathy Abraham

R 9,210

"I refer to my repetitive brushmarks as ghostings or ghosts. I begin with a brush laden with paint and count the strokes until the paint is very faint, not quite gone but still leaving a residue and an impression something like what a ghost does. Similarly, the ghost is a reference to memory or trauma, which leaves its impression sometimes strongly, sometimes faintly within us and in turn from us as humans on the planet. Jacques Derrida wrote in 1993 that ‘the future belongs to ghosts’. It is this idea, of a certain hauntology, a presence within an absence that lingers, that is central to these bodies of work."

- Cathy



Oil and silver leaf on Fabriano Tela paper

65 x 50 cm

Framed, fitted with museum glass 

Photo by Mia Thom 

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